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Professor Ginsboo: How Many?

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This story is another approach to explaining the mathematics of counting. It is written not for children, but for prospective and practicing teachers. The story takes the child’s point of view about counting words and counting things, and presents the adventure in an amusing manner that will draw in adults who may have some anxiety or disinterest regarding mathematics.

by Herbert P. Ginsburg

Before leaving for parts unknown, Prof. Ginsboo wrote a series of stories explaining everything you need to know about basic mathematics. He entrusted them to me and instructed that I make them available to those most in need of his wisdom. That means you. I know that Professor Ginsboo hopes that you will put on your playful party hat as you read this story and others he has written. Professor Ginsboo claims that you will learn the math of counting if you permit him to amuse in the service of education. Bon voyage.  And remember: put on your playful party hat when you read, and also when you teach!

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