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Counting and Enumeration Assessment Videos

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This page consists of video clips that are designed to illustrate assessing students using the measurement assessment protocol. Please visit the Counting and Enumeration Assessment Protocol for more details.

Ben: Count Sequence   

Ben counts up to 17, skipping only 16. Then, with a little help, he makes it to 20. (You can read more about how Ben learns the counting words in Ben Learns How to Count.)

Anna: Count Sequence

Anna, who has already counted to 50, is encouraged to count higher to 60. She keeps going until she reaches 79. At that point, she pauses and asks for some assistance. (For more details about her counting, see Anna Counts).

Ben: Catch My Mistake

Ben is asked to play a game in which an adult makes a counting mistake and he needs to identify the mistake. You can read more about about Ben’s counting here.

Ben: Matching Tallies to Counters

Ben is told that counters are elephants. He is shown a number of tallies and is asked to produce that many “elephants.”

Meredith: How Many Bears?

Meredith first says there are 8 bears without using an obvious strategy to count them. Encouraged to use a strategy to check, she moves them one at a time, counting each one to show there are 8. The bears are then moved around to see if she recognizes that there are still 8 bears.

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