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Additional Counting Videos

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More video resources related to the development of counting and how teachers can engage young children in counting.

Scarlett Counts Tops

Preschool student Scarlett counts and recounts a collection of 9 "tops" (pureed fruit pouch tops).  What differences do you notice each time she counts?

Nicole Counts Frogs

Preschool student Nicole counts a collection of 12 plastic frogs. What do you notice about her use of the number sequence?  One-to-one correspondence?  

Aubree Counts Bears

Preschool student Aubree counts a collection of 9 plastic bears.  What does Aubree understand about counting?  What is she still working on?  

Lorelai Counts Pennies

Kindergarten student Lorelai counts a collection of 31 pennies. What do you notice about her understanding of grouping?

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