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Classroom Videos: Counting

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More video resources related to the development of counting and how teachers can engage young children in counting.

Supporting the development of representation

After children count their collections, teachers can ask them to represent their counting on paper (see Counting Collections Overview for more information about counting and representing). For example, a preschool teacher might say “Can you show your collection on your paper?  Can you draw it?”  The goal is to help children begin to connect their mathematical thinking (counting their collection to find how many) with ways of showing what they just did.  In the video clip below, Penelope has counted and then represented her collection by placing her cubes on paper and circling them.  Watch as Ms. Gaxiola engages Penelope in making connections between counting and representing objects.  

Teacher's Voice: The power of learning through observation
If you watch closely, you can pick up a lot more about what they understand. Sometimes children show you something in their representations that they aren’t yet able to talk about.            -Natali Gaxiola, preschool teacher

Note: As you support participants' engagement with this video, you might find that you want to 1) pause the video at strategic moments and encourage reflection and discussion, and/or 2) pose reflection questions after viewing the video that participants are asked to respond to in writing, with a partner, or with the group. We provide a range of questions/prompts below and encourage you to choose the one(s) that best fit your context and learning goals.

Pauses and Prompts During the Video

  • [pause at 0:36]  What do you notice when Ms. Gaxiola asks Penelope to count them together?
  • [pause at 0:51]  Penelope just counted all of the circles. What does Penelope know about counting? What did she do?

Possible Reflection Prompts After Viewing the Video

  • What did you learn about Penelope’s counting?  What does she know?
  • How did Penelope represent her collection?  What does this reveal about her understanding?
  • Describe three moves Ms. Gaxiola used to support Penelope as she counted the cubes.
  • What were some of different ways that Ms. Gaxiola supported Penelope’s to make connections between counting and representing?  
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