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Space Assessment Videos

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This page consists of video clips that are designed to illustrate assessing students using the shape assessment protocol. Please visit the Space Assessment Protocol for more details.

Betsy: Three Bears

Betsy at first says that the blue bear is at the beginning of the line and the yellow bear is at the end. She later reverses the order, but describes the positions of the bears using the positional words “back”, “middle”, and “front.”

Joaquim: Map Making

Joaquim is asked to make a map of his room by placing cut-outs of furniture on a sheet of rectangular paper. In this clip, he places his bed, his sibling’s bed, a lamp, and a drawer on the map. Watch more videos of Joaquim’s map making here.

Keisha: Position Words

A child examines a page from Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch by Mary Peterson and Jennifer Rofe. Keisha is asked where the piggie is and says “in the pumpkin.” She is encouraged to describe what the piggie is “in between.”

Kaia: Position Words

Kaia examines a page from Up, Down, and Around by Katherine Ayres. She uses her finger to show that the plant is wrapped around the child’s foot, describing it as “winding it up.” The adult agrees and says “just like you did this, it’s growing around and around.”

Sierra: Straight Line on a Grid

Sierra is asked to watch the adult as she places chips in a straight vertical line. She is then asked to “make yours the same as mine.” Sierra places her chips in the same way.

Ben: Straight Line on a Grid

Ben is asked to watch the adult as he places chips in a straight horizontal line. He is then asked to make his the same. Ben places his counters in a horizontal line, but positions it at the very top of his grid paper. When the interviewer points out that there is a whole row above his chips, Ben pushes his chips down to correct his mistake.

Sierra: Diagonal Line on a Grid

Sierra, who had no trouble recreating a vertical line with chips, struggles to create a diagonal line with chips on her grid paper. She is visibly frustrated. After getting some more chips and trying again, she recreates the diagonal line and is pleased.

Ben: Arrangement of Chips

Ben models how the interviewer places chips, one at a time, not in a row. He is successfully able to recreate that he is shown.

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