Spatial Relations

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Additional Spatial Relations Videos

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More video resources related to the development of spatial relations, including map making and reasoning about shapes

Understanding Space through Map Making

This series of videos features Bianca engaging her 6-year-old son, Joaquim, in a variety of activities designed to support the development of spatial relations.

Video 1:  Bianca and Joaquim work together to make a map showing the locations of various objects in their bedrooms.

Video 2: Bianca and Joaquim read Follow That Map!: A First Book of Mapping Skills, an interactive picture book that explains and demonstrates key mapping concepts.

Video 3: Bianca opens the activity by engaging Joaquim in a variety of location/position words (e.g. beside, near, in front, etc.) before asking him to explore directions in a neighborhood map.

Understanding Shapes and their Attributes

This video features Dr. Ginsburg working to uncover 6-year-old Patchett’s understanding of geometric shapes.

Magic Math Minutes: Using Grids to Explore Spatial Relations

Young children need to learn about spatial relations. In this video, a child explores the topic by placing counters on a grid.

For additional exercises to accompany this thinking story, visit Using Unedited Videos in Your Courses.

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