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Measurement Assessment Videos

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This page consists of video clips that are designed to illustrate assessing students using the measurement assessment protocol. Please visit the Measurement Assessment Protocol for more details.

Robbie: Big & Small

Robbie identifies and describes objects that are big and small, considering different attributes of the objects.

Bella: Compare Lengths

Bella compares two rods to say which is bigger. She justifies her answer by lining them up along a common baseline.

Bella: Compare & Represent

Bella identifies the Three Bears in an illustration by size. She then represents the bears using rods of different lengths.

Alice: Non-standard Units

When Alice first tries to measure a stick with cubes, she leaves spaces between the cubes. After being instructed to connect the cubes, she measures again. Her measurement is not exact, but it is close.

Lucy: Estimate Length

Having already measured an orange stick as 6 cubes long, Lucy estimates the length of a longer stick as 10 cubes long.

Alice: Measure & Compare Lengths

Alice measures a long stick with cubes and compares its length to that of a previously measured stick.

Sebastian: Standard Units

Sebastian is scaffolded as he measures with an inch ruler. Then he measures on his own, noting if lengths are exact or a little longer or shorter than lengths shown on the ruler.

Diane: Relate Units

Diane estimates that more centimeters than inches are needed to measure the same length because centimeters are closer together on the ruler (smaller units).

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