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Pattern and Algebra Assessment Videos

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This page consists of video clips that are designed to illustrate assessing students using the pattern and algebra assessment protocol. Please visit the Pattern and Algebra Assessment Protocol for more details.

Diane: AB Pattern

Diane is shown a pattern that alternates yellow-purple-yellow-purple. She recreates and continues the pattern.

Diane: Explain and Extend a Pattern

Diane has just placed the yellow and purple cubes along a table. When asked how she knew what to do, she says “Make a pattern.” When asked to describe it, she says, “yellow-purple-yellow-purple.” Then she uses the repeating units to say what color cube would come next.

Meredith: Explain a Pattern

Meredith explains that the AB pattern she is looking at is a pattern because “it has the same thing.” When pressed to describe further, she says the same thing is “yellow-blue-yellow-blue-yellow-blue.”

Sonia: Identify Unit of Repeat

Sonia is shown a repeating pattern involving fictional movie characters and continues it. When asked how she knows, she says, “Because, look” and then uses her hands to cut it into three units of repeat. She then identifies which character is first in each of the three groups she created and says they are the same.

Brian: Describes a Growing Pattern

Brian has just made the fourth tower in a growing pattern. He explains that he knew how to make the fourth tower because it is growing by 2s and the cubes are alternating blue and white. Read more about Brian’s work with growing patterns here.

Ben: Missing Term

Ben is asked to close his eyes while a card is removed from a repeating pattern. He correctly identifies that the card is a frog and explains how he knew because of the way the pattern repeats.

Meredith: Equivalent Pattern (Colors)

Meredith is shown a new AAB pattern and is asked to duplicate the pattern, using different colors. She does so, looking back and forth periodicially from the pattern she is copying to the one she is creating to check her work. In the end, she lines them up side by side to show they are equivalent patterns.

Ben: Equivalent Pattern (Cards)

Ben successfully duplicates an existing AB pattern of cards using different cards.

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