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College of the Sequoias: Math in the ECE Classroom Workshop

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Support early math learning in your preschool classroom by understanding practical strategies that can be used to support children’s success in math, while gaining confidence for yourself as a capable math teacher!

by Vanessa Bailey


This 3-hour workshop is designed to engage a range of early childhood educators to explore multiple domains of early math - operations, spatial relations, and measurement & data. The workshop draws upon a variety of resources available on the DREME TE site, including the classroom activity of counting collections, video of classrooms and children’s thinking, storybook reading, and teaching vignettes. Participants in attendance were teachers from Headstart and private preschools, mentor teachers, and a mentor coordinator. Overall feedback was positive, including comments such as: "I had no idea math applied to so many areas.”, "I can’t believe how much was covered in the three hour time.” and "It was helpful; so many new things I can use.”  Possible follow-ups to this workshop might entail a series of workshops diving into each content module more deeply.

Workshop Objective

  1. Develop math learning opportunities that are intentional, developmentally appropriate, engaging, and playful.
  2. Create math opportunities designed to support children in achieving their learning goals.
  3. Create to use spontaneous opportunities that emerge through classroom or playground interactions as teachable math moments.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Improve your comfortability with incorporating math concepts and ideas in your preschool classroom.
  2. Learn to utilize the materials in your classroom to support and engage students in math learning.
  3. Improve your effectiveness in teaching & individualizing math learning to improve your students’ success.



(0:00-0:30) Housekeeping & Introductions
(0:30-1:15) Operations
(1:15-1:30) Break 
(1:30-2:15) Spatial Relations
(2:15-2:45) Measurement & Data
(2:45-3:00) Evaluations, Closing & Wrap Up


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Vanessa Bailey is a Child Development faculty member at the College of the Sequoias.

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