Patterns & Algebra

Making sense of and describing patterns paves the way for early algebraic reasoning. *NEW GETTING STARTED RESOURCES

Why and What of Patterns

Why engaging with patterns is crucial for children’s early mathematics learning.

Mathematics of Patterns & Algebra

Several different approaches to explicating the important mathematics that underlies the content area of patterns

Development of Children's Thinking on Patterns & Algebra

Videos of children, activities for prospective and practicing teachers, and readings that portray the development of an understanding of patterns & algebra

Assessing Patterns & Algebra

Materials designed to explain and illustrate the importance of the formative assessment of children’s thinking on patterns & algebra

Supporting Classroom Practice

Resources that teacher educators can use to support teachers to develop classroom practice that engages young children in operations.


Fictionalized but very real examples of student experiences in learning to teach and in teaching early math.

Getting Started

Teacher educators are invited to use these materials flexibly, with varied settings, amounts of time, and participants. We present a variety of possible ways of getting started with these resources.